Car Defects

To children and senior citizens, being involved in a car accident can be a cause of serious trauma, especially if they sustain severe physical injuries. Car accidents are among the most common causes of injuries and deaths in the US. More than five million road accidents involving cars, still happen in US roads annually – more than two million of these accidents result to injuries, while more than 30,000 result to death.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the top causes of car crashes are drunk-driving, recklessness driving, over speeding and driver error. While all these may fall within the control of the driver, there are also causes identified by the NHTSA that fall outside the driver’s control – this is either road defect or vehicle or car defect.

Car defects can be very hard to prove, despite certainty of the driver that something in his/her vehicle failed to function well, thus the car accident. If the defect is indeed proven, the car manufacturer usually makes a recall of the particular model to correct whatever mistake the manufacture of the car resulted to.

Mistakes are often caused by skipping a necessary manufacturing step/procedure or by adding a step in the manufacturing process, but which should not have been added in the first place. Though it may be clear that producing a defective car is never intentional, the fact that it passed quality check from the manufacturer and got released into the market, are but just signs of carelessness and gross negligence.

In the event of an accident, the manufacturer may be held totally liable for whatever injury or harm a victim may sustain. It will also be part of the manufacturer’s legal responsibility to the victim, to the compensate him/her with the correct amount based on the present and future cost of medical treatment plus wages lost, if the victim will fail to render work for a certain period.